Common Real Estate Fraud Schemes to Look Out For

Posted in Real Estate on May 15, 2019

Avoid Real Estate Fraud Scams Anyone in the real estate industry can tell you that real estate transactions are complex. Because most people don’t understand the intricacies of the business, fraudulent activities do occur. From corrupt mortgage brokers to fraudulent appraisals, the landscape is riddled with potential scams. It’s best to have a real estate lawyer on your side, watching… READ MORE

Protection With A Trade Secret Attorney

Posted in Business Lawyer on April 15, 2019

Get The Trade Secret Attorney You Need If you run a business, there are going to be business-related needs that only an attorney can handle. But what kind of attorney do you need? Trade secret attorneys can help protect valuable information that gives your business a competitive edge over others. That information could be a program, a method, a process,… READ MORE

Common Tasks Business Lawyers Take On

Posted in Business Lawyer on February 15, 2019

What Do Business Lawyers Do For Companies? Starting a business is tough work and there are legal ramifications around every corner. Any business owner is going to want to start off on the right foot and protect themselves from future problems and situations that can arise. A business lawyer can help with a number of things. These are some of… READ MORE

Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

Posted in Business Lawyer on March 15, 2019

Finding A Breach Of Contract Lawyer It would be nice if every time agreements were made, both parties would benefit and hold up their end of the deal. Without disputes, everyone would get what they want at all times. However, the real world works differently and in business, delays happen, financial issues arise, and unexpected events can hinder contracts from… READ MORE

Recommendations From A Real Estate Attorney

Posted in Business and Real Estate Litigation on January 15, 2019

What Your Real Estate Attorney Wants You To Know Whether you have a real estate attorney at this point or not, you may wonder what they would tell you about certain situations. The best way to find out is to ask one during a consultation meeting because you can learn a lot of general information from a real estate attorney.… READ MORE